What is TotalCast?

TotalCast is a patented geo-fencing technology that keeps content in its licensed geo-fenced area. TotalCast’s customers are able to deliver live streams to mobile phones and tablets within any specified geographic area. TotalCast is ideal for MVPDs, broadcasters, syndicators, and radio stations that want to deliver and monetize their content to mobile devices but must respect distribution rights within a DMA, sports market, radio metro or any geographic area.

Is TotalCast like Aereo?

No. TotalCast is a geo-fencing solution for broadcasters, MVPDs, syndicators and radio stations. TotalCast only streams broadcast channels (ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS) to authenticated cable subscribers within the appropriate TV Market or DMA, thus providing an additive solution that mimics how content is currently distributed.

Also, TotalCast streams broadcast content to mobile devices over the internet whereas Aereo used an antenna to intercept over-the-air signals.

Is TotalCast for “cord cutters”?

No. In order to watch live TV network content, TotalCast authenticates viewers to ensure they are active pay TV subscribers. However, viewers do not have to be pay TV subscribers to watch local news.

How do I monetize TotalCast?
TotalCast has partnered with Nielsen to deliver audience measurement. TotalCast has been testing with Nielsen since 2013 and is one of the first “TV Everywhere” solutions to integrate Nielsen’s SDK.

Can TotalCast provide an entire TV Everywhere solution? What pieces are needed?
Yes, TotalCast is a one-stop shop for TV Everywhere. TotalCast specializes in geo-fencing but allows customers to decide whether they want to provide the other pieces themselves.

TotalCast can provide these necessary pieces:

– Geo-fencing of content

– MVPD Authentication

– Video Encoding

– Content Delivery

– White-Label Mobile App

– SDK integration into pre-existing app

Is TotalCast an app?

No, TotalCast is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be implemented into any mobile app. This approach allows customers to leverage pre-existing mobile downloads and marketing efforts while controlling the look and feel of their app and customer experience.

TotalCast also provides a robust white-label application for customers who do not have an app or want to use the TotalCast app.

How is TotalCast priced?

TotalCast uses a Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model.  TotalCast pings its servers every 30 seconds to ensure that the subscriber is in the appropriate DMA and thus TotalCast charges a very low, per minute fee for each minute of video viewed.

Is TotalCast a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Though TotalCast can provide CDN for those customers that do not have currently a system in place, TotalCast is not primarily a CDN product.  TotalCast uses Amazon S3 to delivery its CDN services.

How does TotalCast make money for a MVPD?

Survey of subscribers that use TVE consistently show higher levels of customer satisfaction and lower attrition rates.  By  creating a TVE product that enables MVPDs to show content that subscribers want the most, network programming from the local affiliate, TotalCast ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

What is the difference between Fox Now and the Fox 50 app?

Our Fox 50 app is a live TV app that does not have any video on demand features.  Our aim is to deliver to Fox 50 (WRAZ) viewers a live simulcast to a mobile device anytime they are in the Raleigh DMA.  To provide this service, we need to perform MVPD authentication as well as geo-location (which is the patented technology that TotalCast owns.)

The Fox Now app is a video on demand and clips app.  It is for catching up and watching Fox shows after they have aired and for seeing clips of upcoming shows.