Deliver Sports and Primetime Shows from Local Channels to Mobile Devices

You want to deliver the most popular programming to your subscribers on your app. However, this process is complex and has many potential headaches. For each affiliate, you will need to:

  • Create a Custom Geofence to ensure streams stay within market
  • “Black Out” Content by show and device
  • Configure separate HLS stream for OTT distribution

You need TotalCast Control

TotalCast Control is an affiliate-focused stream management solution that reduces the cost and complexity of bringing local affiliate content onto your watch app.

TotalCast Control is used by affiliates to create geofences, manage blackouts, and set up the encoded stream, allowing you to receive a feed vetted by affiliates and ready for distribution into your app!

Benefits of TotalCast

  • Enables the most popular Channels to be included in MVPD apps
  • Easy to use SDK or API
  • Allows Affiliates to control or build geofences
  • Makes out-of-home viewing more pervasive
  • Patented technology
  • Years of development and testing by major programmers and networks
  • Provide international boundary recognition

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