How It Works

TotalCast’s Patented Geo-Fencing Technology

TotalCast’s App server is a cloud based SaaS solution. We maintain geography decision engine databases for each application (DMA, Markets, Zip Codes, Radius, etc.). TotalCast is designed for mobile distribution of live Local TV, regional sports networks, radio, sports leagues, events, other content. Business rules for each stream are flexible

An Overview: How TotalCast client SDK communicates location to TotalCast App Server

1. Get_Config call is made for initial determination
• Available Channel Streams Appear
2. Get_Stream call is made when channel is selected
• If viewer is outside of area, SDK doesn’t release to App Server

Slide 1 How it works
• If viewer is within viewing area, SDK releases to App Server

slide 2 how it works
• Once stream starts, Nielsen API calls included for viewer measurement

slide 3 how it works

3. Continue_Auth calls are made during viewing sessions – if viewer leaves DMA then stream will stop
slide 6 how it works

Additional Features
1. Adobe Pass API calls included for MVPD Authentication
slide 4 how it works

2. TotalCast App server delivers auths and logs user data
slide 7 how it works