TotalCast Suite of Products

TotalCast Delivers Broadcast Channels to Mobile Devices.

Our Solution allows Local Stations and MVPDs to stream Broadcast Network Content through a simple and low cost solution.

Authentic Access℠ Mobile

This is the core patented (#8,423,004) TotalCast geo-fencing technology that ensures streams stay within local TV markets for viewers watching live TV on mobile devices. Authentic Access Mobile acquires the latitude and longitude from a mobile device and determines if the viewer is in the appropriate DMA and grants access to the stream. Authentic Access Mobile continues to determine the location of the viewer as they watch the stream and decide whether or not the stream can continue to be delivered. This ensures that content distribution agreements are honored. Option integration with Nielsen SDK allows for mobile TV monetization.

Authentic Access℠ Desktop/Laptop (in development)

TotalCast geo-fencing technology ensures affiliate streams stay within local TV markets for viewers watching live TV on a laptop or desktop computer.

Authentic Access℠ SDK for iOS and Android platforms

The TotalCast SDKs allows for easy integration of TotalCast Authentic Access Mobile into Android and iOS apps. By building an effective and easy-to-implement SDK that works within MVPD’s existing watch apps, TotalCast helps its customers leverage their existing investment in TV Everywhere. In addition, the SDK allows developers to use any video player or CDN they choose.

TotalCast Analytics Portal

TotalCast Authentic Access delivers a valuable new data stream that can be accessed through the Analytics Portal. The TotalCast Analytics Portal organizes and presents TVE viewing data to include viewers geographic location, number of session by hour/show, average minutes viewed per session. When integrated with TV schedule data, the Analytics Portal delivers top viewed shows, top genres, show-based metrics and show viewing by location.

TotalCast Authentic Access℠ Control

Allows affiliates to maintain and control the geographic restrictions and clear content so that the streams can be used by multiple applications. MVPDs can define their applications and gain access to affiliate streams knowing that the rights have been cleared.
Learn more about Authentic Access Control here.

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