TotalCast Behind First-of-its-Kind App

Article first appeared at Exitevent.com Among the many experiments underway at Capitol Broadcasting Co. over the past decade has been a technology that allows live video streaming over mobile devices for audiences within certain boundaries.  That...

Sling TV and The Road to a Complete OTT Sports Bundle

Dish’s recent Sling TV offering is the first stab at offering what many sports fans have wanted for a long time – an affordable streaming TV service that delivers the essentials, and only the essentials. At $20 per month, Sling offers major sports...

FCC Proposes Defining OVDs as MVPDs

This article originally appeared on multichannel.com. written by John Edgerton.   According to multiple sources, the FCC is working on an item that would define an online video provider (OVD) that delivers a linear stream of programming as an MVPD,...

Live Streaming Local Channels – The Missing Link in TV Everywhere

Despite Gains by HBO, Netflix, and OTT options, Broadcast TV still yields the highest ratings. Find Out Why 85% of Local Channels Aren’t Available On Mobile Devices and How TotalCast can help