How Geofencing Helps Stream Local Channels

More and more, Local Broadcast Channels will be delivered over the internet, and geofencing will play a major role in this shift.

TotalCast is excited about offering our Geofencing SDK and Stream Management Portal to MVPDs and OTT providers to allow the delivery of Local Broadcast Channels over the internet.

Geofence DMA

Raleigh and Neighboring TV Markets

Market Developments

As the FCC mulls a decision to allow Online Video Providers (OVPs) to deliver Broadcast Channels, potential OTT/OVDs are gearing up to negotiate for and invest in the technology necessary to stream Broadcast Channels.

After Sling TV’s recent OTT product launch, media incumbents (Apple, Comcast, etc.) are eyeing similar online-based Pay-TV packages that also offer local channels. Also, newcomers such as Telletopia have declared their intent to stream Local Stations. Assuming the FCC allows OVPs to negotiate for and stream Local Broadcast Stations, a new wave of outlets to access Local Stations should emerge.

TotalCast’s Solution For Streaming Local Broadcast Stations

TotalCast’s technology-agnostic approach allows any mobile app to geofence Local Broadcast Stations to it’s Designated TV Market. Also, TotalCast’s Portal and Stream Management technology allows Content Owners to black out shows to specific devices. This product allowed WRAZ-TV to stream NFL content by ensuring it was only streamed to tablet devices within the Raleigh TV Market.

Watch FOX 50 app streams NFL games and FOX content to Tablet Devices

TotalCast allows FOX 50 app to stream NFL games and FOX content

In order to ensure reliable location of a device the TotalCast SDK also checks if the device is jailbroken or rooted to avoid GPS spoofing. Jailbroken iOS and rooted Android phones make it extraordinarily easy to bypass geolocation restrictions. TotalCast SDK relies on the device’s geolocation services instead, which use a variety of terrestrial signals to provide an accurate location. TotalCast does not rely on reverse IP lookup, which is also easy to spoof but inaccurate as well.

With application development happening around the world, broadcasters can quickly define a custom geofence around development offices. This allows the developers to easily test that the application behaves correctly when entering and leaving a geofence area.

Using TotalCast’s patented system and SDK, we have made it easy to geofence or geofilter local broadcast stations into any mobile app

Stream Local Channels.