TotalCast and FOX 50 Case Study

What It Is TotalCast’s TV Everywhere solution allows FOX 50 to make more money and control its brand by reaching and monetizing its viewers everywhere, on FOX 50’s own app. TotalCast created the Watch FOX 50 app which allows U-Verse subscribers...

Localism & Internet TV: Can it coexist?

Does Localism Still Matter?   This is the big question much of the broadcast media has been asking recently. With the rise of Internet-based TV, many are decrying the end of local television. Their theory? That as more of the market consumes VOD content...

MVPD Authentication in TV Everywhere

Photo from fiercecable. Broadcasters wanting to carry their livestream in their own application will quickly find that in order to view the network programming, the networks are requiring multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) authentication....

TotalCast helps broadcasters make money from TVE

New video that explains how TotalCast helps broadcasters make money from TV Everywhere by enabling the delivery of local affiliate content.

TotalCast: Creating Solutions for Our Own Problems

TV Everywhere is the way of the future. Actually, that future is already here. Today, viewers want to be able to watch television where they want, when they want, and on whatever device they elect. We have already discussed why this can be problematic...

TV Everywhere: Broadcasters Can Stop Experimenting Now

In July 2014, published an article stating that TV Everywhere “wasn’t quite there yet.” Dorothy Pomerantz came out and bluntly wrote: Right now, the problem is that networks don’t know the best way to manage shows live, on VOD and streaming...