TotalCast Control Lets Affiliates Customize Streams

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Affiliates can “Black-Out” uncleared shows on-the-go

Broadcasters are finding they may not have permission to stream certain shows over the internet, even with multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) authentication and a geofence solution.  TotalCast offers a solution.

Some stations have studio software to edit out shows in the video feed that are used for live streaming, which can translate to use in the TotalCast system. But the software that allows a broadcaster to do this is expensive and, if it is not already in-house, can be time consuming to set up.

TotalCast has integrated a powerful rules engine that will ensure shows that have not been cleared will not be viewed on any mobile application. This makes it very easy for station engineer to set up a live feed without restrictions to be streamed to the TotalCast system.

The station program manager can use the TotalCast system to clear time blocks that the video feed can be viewed. TotalCast has also integrated TitanTV schedule feed that will show 14 days of programming. This allows a more robust schedule management for the station program manager.

With TitanTV schedule the program manager not only can set time blocks as being cleared or not cleared but can also set TV shows and series as being cleared or not cleared. While rights are being acquired for shows, typically the prime time slots for network content are cleared and local broadcasts, such as news, paid programming and local religious programs, are cleared.

It is important to clear time blocks for prime time network programming and not just do this on a show-by-show basis. For example, the syndication for “Two and a Half Men” may not be cleared but the new shows from the Network are cleared. By clearing prime time network programming altogether you do not have to clear each show or series.

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Create Separate Rules for Each Channel

TotalCast handles the rest to ensure the stream is a geofence, MVPD authenticated if required, and that the show is cleared.

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Affiliates Can Create Custom Rules and Streams for Separate MVPD Apps

We have seen in my article “Geofencing Local Broadcasts and MVPD authentication”, broadcasters are finding they will quickly have multiple applications and MVPD distribution of their video stream.  Broadcasters’ top priority is to make sure their content does not leave the licensed area. Broadcasters want an easy way to manage access across all applications.

The TotalCast patented system has made it very easy for broadcasters to define the geofence where their video stream can be consumed. The Network programmers have required MVPD authentication to view the content as a new requirement to view the video content. TotalCast has made it easy to integrate authentication for video stream via Adobe Pass integration.

Broadcasters can manage the clearance of shows and the geofence in a single location for multiple application with the patented TotalCast system.

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