MVPD Authentication in TV Everywhere

MVPD Authentication

TV Everywhere MVPD Authentication

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Broadcasters wanting to carry their livestream in their own application will quickly find that in order to view the network programming, the networks are requiring multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) authentication.

This additional requirement for consuming the broadcaster’s linear feed or simulcast is handled in TotalCast’s patented system and SDK. TotalCast has an authentication product that seamlessly handles MVPD authenticated streams.

There are numerous possibilities for the broadcaster to leverage the TotalCast system. For a full non-linear simulcast stream, the broadcaster can define the stream and the geographic area it is allowed to be used (See “How do I create a geofenced video stream?”).

Once defined, the broadcaster can further define their in-house application to be authenticated with the regional MVPD cable and satellite companies. This integration between application and MVPD authentication is done by using an authentication provider. TotalCast’s Authentic Access authentication service is priced for the economic realities of local affiliates unlike the offerings from other companies that are priced for national cable networks.

Agreements between the Broadcaster and the MVPD for authentication will be required. Typically there also needs to be an agreement between the Network content provider and the MVPD before the Broadcaster can complete their agreement. If the Network already has an agreement with the MVPD that will speed up the process.

It is not unusual to see the MVPD take 4-6 weeks to complete their work to integrate with the authentication service.

During these agreements between the Broadcaster and the MVPD, it is not unusual for the MVPD wanting to include the stream in their own watch application. TotalCast makes this extremely easy for the broadcaster and the MVPD since the SDK can be integrated quickly into any application. The broadcaster only manages the single stream and grants access to each application that has requested access.

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